AWS Re:Invent Survival Guide!


  1. Check in - Welcome to Re:Invent. Step one is going to be getting checked in and grabbing some swag. To make this process easier, upload a photo prior to the start of the event. Also, feel free to check in the airport while the Uber/Lyft craze dies down. (You'll save a few bucks on the surge pricing)
  2. Using the app - Ever year the app has gotten marginally better, but don't let that bring you a false sense of security. The app is rough. In addition to the app, I recommend adding your sessions to whatever normal calendar/task app you prefer just to ensure you don't lose sight of the info.
  3. Swag - You can only pick up swag from a few select places. Most of it will be handled by the team at the Venetian. (I recommend going there early just to ensure you get the size you want)
  4. Badge - Don't lose your badge, and always keep your photo visible. It'll make the day a whole lot easier.
  5. Security - Security is pretty intense. The more stuff you have in your backpack, the more likely you are to set of their alarms. Be prepared to open all zippers in your bag and show them everything inside. Also, build that into your schedule so that your never 1 minute late to a session because you took to long with security.


There is so much going on that week that I recommend going straight to Conference Parties to see what's going on.

However, I can provide some tips to stay sane:

  1. Networking - Keep a pen with you. If you get a business card, write a note to yourself on the card describing why you wanted the business card. It's helpful to future you and most of the time, people really enjoy seeing the engagement that you have.
  2. Boundaries - Only you know your social battery. Keep track of how your feeling so that you can ensure that you make the most of every day!
  3. Badge Scanning - It's super tempting to let anyone scan your badge for free stuff, but becareful because you are authorizing AWS to hand over all of your info when you do that.


I probably should have posted this a bit sooner to give you some time to prepare.

  1. Shoes - Don't get shoes right before you go. Go get shoes today and start breaking them in now! Your feet will thank you. (If possible, go to a place like Fleet Feet and get your scans/fit just right. They hooked me up with the Arahi 6[1] and I've loved them
  2. Chapstick - Whichever brand and style you prefer is fine, but the air is dry and you should be prepared.
  3. Empty space - Don't forget to leave room in your luggage for all of the swag your going to get!
  4. Reusable water bottle - There will be plenty of places to fill your water bottle, but you'll probably need to bring your own. Some years they do provide a bottle.
  5. Headphones - Unless you plan on making a plane buddy, don't forget to bring all your normal travel essentials like headphones.
  6. Earplugs - Re:Invent is crazy awesome and crazy loud. I recommend getting some earbuds to protect your hearing. I'm using Loop Experience Plus Earplugs[2]

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